Bandera Wranglers

Meeting Minutes – 2019-11-04

Called to Order @ 7:00 PM CST

Ended @ 9:00 PM CST

Total Members Present: 18

Members in Attendance: Nick Barron, Brandon Nicholson, Eric Sanford, Jerad Wilcox, Mary Jilik, Lester Johnson, Kenny Wayne Carter, Luan Carter, Jackie Perkins, Joseph Tharp, Robbin Lynch, Georgia Dyer, Patricia Moore, Terry Routh, Mitchell Newcomer, Lynn Cavin, Richard Stegall, Chris Bryant, and Evelyn Duncan.


  • Call Meeting to Order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Attendance
  • New Members
  • Treasurer Report
  • New Business
  • Old Business

New Business

  • Treasurer
    • St. Jude event totals were $8,005.50
    • Check for $6,004.95 paid out and the balance was from online direct donations
    • Thank you to all participants
  • Bandera Ham Rodeo
    • Currently in Planning Phase
    • Bandera Wranglers have paid a deposit to reserve Mansfield Park
    • Next planning meeting is Dec. 2nd.
    • Announced Tracy Byrd is headliner
  • Halloween Event and Buckfest had great turnouts and everything went very well. After Action Item: Lack of Rally Point for Bandera Wranglers
  • Smoking Turkeys for Silver Sage
    • When: November 25th @ TBD
    • Where: Silver Sage
    • Mission: Support 65 families in need of 18 smoked turkeys
  • Helping Hands Collection
    • Items to be collected: Canned Goods
    • Collection Locations: The Red Horse Saloon, Quick Draw Payroll, fourEight Plaques and Customs
  • Highway Cleanup
    • When: November 16th @ 8:30 AM
    • Where: The Red Horse Saloon
    • Cleanup begins @ 9:00 AM sharp
  • Issue with Former Treasurer Dan Tinsley
    • Discussed with members the issue that arose with our former Treasurer Dan Tinsley
    • He had left someone in his place while on vacation and the funds that he was to have deposited into the Wrangler account is now missing.
    • The Bandera Wrangler Officers have demanded repayment and issued an email and certified letter to Dan with the invoiced amount from our records and gave him a 30-day deadline from receipt to repay, otherwise legal action will be taken
    • Motion raised to remove Dan Tinsley from membership. Seconded. All attending members voted unanimously to remove Dan Tinsley as a member of the Bandera Wranglers.

Old Business

  • T-Shirts have arrived. Jerad Wilcox has extra shirts for sale at fourEight Plaques and Customs – $16 for Members; $21 for Non-Members

Opened floor for other discussions; No further business

Sgt. at Arms called for meeting to adjourn

Secretary Seconded and all Approved meeting adjournment