Bandera Wranglers

Meeting Minutes – 2020-01-06

Called to Order @ 7:00 PM CST

Ended @ 9:00 PM CST

Total Members Present: 31

Members in Attendance: Nick Barron, Brandon Nicholson, Judy Robertson, Eric Sanford, Jerad Wilcox, Connie Smith, Tj Gitrin, Kenny Wayne Carter, Luan Carter, Dave Riley, Jim Robertson, Jaki Perkins, Joseph Tharp, Robbin Lynch, Georgia Dyer, Linda Wilder, Terry Routh, Mitchel Newcomer, Susan Routh, Charles Newcomer, Kate Totten, Richard Stegall, Colleen Stegall, Chris Bryant, Evelyn Duncan, Jill Moore, Randy Clark, Dan Davidson, Monteia Davidson, Jonathan Fergusan and Mary Fergusan


  • Call Meeting to Order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Attendance
  • New Members
  • Treasurer Report
  • New Business
  • Old Business

New Business

  • Bandera Ham Rodeo
    • Currently in Planning Phase
    • Bandera Wranglers have paid a deposit to reserve Mansfield Park
    • Hyo Silver has donated the Ham Rodeo belt buckles for prizes.
    • Call out for volunteers still needed for the event. We will need people Thursday for setup and Sunday for tear-down and cleanup as well as during the event Friday and Saturday. Nick has sign-in sheet, so please reach out and get on the event roster.
    • All people that volunteer and work the assigned shifts will receive volunteer wristbands that will grant access to all the events; music and rodeo, etc.
    • Ham Rodeo vendor package is complete as is the food vendor package. They will be emailed to members along with minutes. Please pass them along to your contacts. We still need vendors and sponsors. The more we get the better the event will be.
    • Parking for the event discussed and Jackie P and Jill M will contact Bandera 4H to see if they can assist.
    • BBQ cookoff discussed and a special meeting will be planned with Vicki to discuss details.
    • Miss Bacon Pageant discussion with Heather who has offered to take the lead for this portion of event. All contestants should be directed to her for registration.
    • With the event getting closer there was a motion to go to twice a month meeting to assist with planning. Motion seconded and vote was unanimous.
  • Christmas donations totaled $266 in cash and $300 in gift cards. Thank you to all that were able to help.
  • This month’s second meeting to be held at 7pm the 22nd of January at The Red Horse.
  • T-shirt orders are being placed along with the wristbands, lanyards and ops equipment.
  • has been updated and has sponsorship and vendors applications posted on the event page.

Old Business

  • Follow-up on Dan Tinsley: The case has been handed over to the Bandera County Sheriff CID. We are awaiting the finding of the investigation. There is no new information currently to a resolution.
  • T-Shirts have arrived. Jerad Wilcox has extra shirts for sale at fourEight Plaques and Customs – $16 for Members; $21 for Non-Members

Opened floor for other discussions; No further business

Sgt. at Arms called for meeting to adjourn

Secretary Seconded and all Approved meeting adjournment